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About Us

It all started with a cute little cigar box that turned into this sassy little purse and from there it transformed into an addiction to handbags, ALL types of handbags..From funky, colorful totes to elegant evening bags, the line of Helen‟s Handbags makes a statement, hence the slogan, “carry it creatively”.

I am very passionate about my work–the types of beautiful fabrics I choose, the unique styles I design, and the latest fashionable accessories all fuel my inspiration and motivation to create the best handbags around. It is such a complement now when people see my handbags and say–“that must be a Helen‟s handbag”.

Helen‟s Handbags aims to continue the creative, unique, high quality line of fashionable handbags, giving you the confidence to express yourself with STYLE!! It's YOUR style NOW !

Now, get ready to have some fun creating your new "arm candy".

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